Saturday, 12 August 2017

Thursday, 27 July 2017

A 2 Day Android Development Programme

The Basic Android Development tutorial is back and is all set to launch. Here we have the ultimate development training during these holidays for all students out there. The course will be taught by real time Android Developers.

Doesn't matter if you know have zero knowledge of coding. Doesn't matter which Course you are currently studying. The course is made keeping everyone in mind. The tutorial will teach you everything from scratch within 2 days and provide you with all the necessary study materials required for further self study.

Along with Android Development we have also included basic soft skill and entrepreneurship training to student attending our classes.

Important Information

  • The 2 day training programme will be held in Mangalore City.
  • Course fee Rs.1000/-
  • First Batch on 29th & 30th of July 2017 (Saturday & Sunday - Full day)
  • Second Batch on July  31st and August 1st.
  • Students outside  Mangalore will be provided  with basic accommodation for 2 days with food at Rs.500/

Register now from the form below and we will get in touch with you with further details about the timings and venue.
For any queries WhatsApp to 8217870168

Sign up now and block your seats. Limited number of students in each batch!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Update Available: VTU CAMPUS APP 7.0

Hey VTUians! We are back!

First of all I would like to apologize for not being very active in the past few months. 
But now with this update, the app will be as Active as EVER! Helping each and every VTUians pass through the Storm (Yeah quite a Storm lately). Yes I've read all the feedback received, and made all necessary changes. Hope you like like this one

UPDATE NOW To 7.0 via Play Store

Here is what you get with Version 7.0

1. Instant Notifications! 
No more delayed Notifications, We have now connected the App to VTU Official Twitter, so that as soon as there are any kind of announcement from VTU it's immediately notified in the app.

2. Question Papers 2017
Updated 2017 Question papers all accessible from within the App. No more failed/unavailable downloads.

3. Advertise with VTU Campus App
Now you can advertise your college fest/courses or anything that's related within our app. With over 50k downloads there's no better way to connect to students studying under the university.

4. No ADS
No More in-App Ads.

5. Direct Links
All updated links that are useful for you which can be easily accessed from within the app.

If you like our effort please rate us on Play Store
Note that the app is developed by the Students & for the Students!

Thank you!!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Beat the Exam Stress with Meditation!

VTU Students are going through a tough time during this semester. In order to study efficiently it is necessary to have worry free mind. A simple 10 minutes of meditation every day before studying is said to increases one's concentration level and have better focus while studying.

Download Experience Meditation: Stillness app from google play store, and practice the 9 minutes of stage 1 calmness exercise before you sit for studying.

Short Description of the App. Experience Meditation

"Stillness in the body causes Stillness in the mind. Therefore, a bodily posture without the slightest of movements is the basic foundation of meditation. 

This technique in this app is to be practiced before commencing any form of meditation as it forms the foundation of all meditation techniques and therefore is considered the first step towards experiencing Meditation!
The aim of this app through guided meditation is to induce psychic rigidity in the body, this happens with an increased conscious awareness of the body, after which you no longer would be able to feel the body.
Awareness is shifted to the breath as you are no longer conscious of your body. Soon you are left with just awareness. At this stage, the mind and body are ready to take up meditation.
Once you have perfected through repeated practice the art of inducing stillness in the mind and the body, you can achieve the state of Meditation in a matter of minutes"