Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Tips to Score High in VTU Exams

Hello everyone! Here is an article that we post during exams every semester. this time with a little more points. Hope everyone liked the eBook Guide to score in VTU exams as I received many positive reviews from you.

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Contents of the eBook

1. How to Study & Memorize Effectively
2. Short Cut Methods: Study/Memorize
3. Focus Exercise before Studying
4. Plan & Organize Your Study Schedule
5. Study Tips and Simple Techniques
6. Study Tips and Simple Techniques
7. Android and iOS APPs for Studying
8. Last minute preparation
9. The Art of Writing VTU Exams

The Art of Writing VTU Exam

Here is the last chapter from the eBook for all students preparing for their exam.

Scoring in an exam is not all about studying and preparing for it! which was covered in the previous chapters. The way you write down the answers on the paper is what really matters. Even though you pretty well know the answer, you must be able to convince the evaluator first. Presentation of an answer is very skillful attribute to have. If by good presentation you get 1 extra mark every answer, you can do the math as to how much it will add up in the final marks. 

As soon as you get the question paper, spend 10 minutes reading and analyzing the questions. Group the questions you know thoroughly, write down their numbers in the answer booklet and keep the remaining for the end. Among the answers you know, write the short ones first. Like the numerical problems that you know and short answers and definition, this will not only boost your confidence but also give a good impression to the answer sheet evaluator.

Sometimes students in a hurry students write the wrong answer, you are asked specific question on a topic, anything you write apart from it carries no mark and is just a waste of time. 

Before answering the question, just think about all that you have to answer. Many times when you start writing an answer you very well knew, but all of a sudden forget it. Therefore, you can write down small points/headings with a pencil, so that you don’t forget to include them and later erase it. Some questions will have two parts, do not forget to attend the other.

Have a good introduction to the answer, try to use the exact same definition/sentence from the preferred textbook in the first line, and make sure every new paragraph starts with a key point.

1. Time management: There will be 5 units/modules to attempt, so give 30mins time limit to each module. And you will be left with 30 minutes at the end, which you can use either to check or write answers to unknown questions. Always keep the unknown answers to the last, this way you won’t spend too much time on it. It is very likely that you will remember them towards the end of the exam. Sometimes just remember answers just as you exit the exam hall.

2. First impression: It is always important that you get a good first impression from the evaluator who will correct your paper, therefore make sure you write answers you are most comfortable with.

3. Highlight: In VTU as you all know correction will take place online in selected colleges, the invigilator gets a scanned copy of your answer sheets, so at an average it is said that an invigilator takes only 3-5 minutes to correct an answer booklet. Therefore, when you write answer, always underline the important/key words in your answer.

4. Handwriting: Alright, you had marks for handwriting in school, but believe it or not most lecturers give more marks for an answer that is written neatly than the ones that are of the same content but shabby. Ask your friends who have a good handwriting, on ways to improve yours.

5. Presentation: The way you present your answers also matter, make subheadings in each of your answers and try your best to add figures and key points wherever and whenever necessary. Figures carry a lot more weightage than the writing.

6. Never leave questions blank: Come on! There are no negative marks, so never leave any questions blank, you can write answers to these in the last 30 minutes that I told you to spare.

7. Don't be disappointed: If you could not do a subject well, don't be disappointed because it will only ruin the next exams to come. Stay cool, you have done your part! 

8. To-remember list: Have a ‘to remember’ list from all the units/modules you studied, use this to revise before you enter the examination hall.

9. More pages more mark: This might not always work, but it will work if the subject is only theory, so make sure your answers are big. Imagine you wrote 35 pages, one mark for each page will give you the passing marks.

10. Study the repeated questions: Study repeated questions from the previous question papers, more than 50%-80% or even 100% of the questions would have been asked in the previous exams. Some students only study the important questions and manage to get 60 and above. But this might not always be the case, once in a while some question papers will be totally out of the world which most of you would have experienced at-least once. Yeah memories!

11. Solve Numerical Problems: Don't know the exact solution? First write down all the data given in the questions and write all the equations you know from that unit. Do some math and write down some answers, you will probably get 2 or 3 marks instead of 0. Better right!

12. Eat light: Don't have a heavy meal before you write your exams, especially if it is in the afternoon, because digestion requires energy and decreases the amount of energy supplied to the brain. Do some walking around or little exercises to get you brain in the active region! 

13. Last 5 minutes: It is recommended that you do not study in the last moment just as you are about to enter the examination hall. Because it sometimes causes you to forget and lose confidence and you start to believe that your memory is fading away.


Thursday, 23 November 2017

Saturday, 18 November 2017

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Thursday, 16 November 2017

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Unemployment After Engineering

Engineering is one of the most important course admired by the youth of the India, as engineering is the field in which a person can push off his or her limits to an extent and can bring out their best. Nowadays everything is getting advanced, so is the field of engineering. India is a hub of Engineers. A lot of top engineering colleges in India has new courses like Nanoengineering, Sound Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering has been added into academics of the colleges. A student can decide their courses as per their interest but in some cases, it’s not the same. Some of the parents want their Child to become an engineer, doctor, lawyer, etc. No one cares about their personal choice because it comes a status aspect for the parents as well on their children. So, in short, out of 100 students, 20 students go for engineering, 20 for MBBS, 20 for Law, 20 for MBA [Master of Business Administration] and the remaining for Arts or BBA. When students with least interest join these courses, it becomes their daily time pass routine. Somehow, they complete their college and they do not know what do next. So, most of them do their Post-Graduation. Having limited knowledge in this area, they make their most of them make their next option MBA and they repeat the same thing all over again. As a result, unemployment, frustration, anxiety, loneliness takes a step into their life.

Selling education is now a big business in India. In India, it is said that every 20 kilometers a new private college starts. Taking examples of MBA and Engineering colleges India has top MBA Colleges in Chennai as well as the top engineering colleges in the north.

In the end, I would like to conclude this topic with this line "always follow your curiosity". It is essential to take your interest and reveal your subtler interests. The reason it is critical is that those interests take advantage of your one of a kind inspirations that differentiates you from others. Seeking after them shows you the way of opening your identity and your inventiveness. Every now and again, these will be things that don't seem realistic and at times may appear to be out and out unimportant. A great illustration is Steve Jobs' interest for typefaces which drove him to go to an apparently futile class on typography and to build up his plan sensibility. Afterwards, this sensibility turned into a basic piece of Apple PCs and Apple's centre differentiator in the commercial centre. There are many individuals who were a failure in the eyes of their parents but proved to be masters of the field they had a passion for which made them legendary. Engineering or any field for that matter it is necessary to have desire and passion for it to become successful in it. Instead of giving social pressure student should focus on their passion and interest which doesn't make them second guess their choice of career.