Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Greetings Fellow VTUians!

The time is closing in again to pack your bag and get back to college again. Some colleges reopen this week, some have already started functioning while other colleges reopen on FEB 2nd as per VTU Acedemic Calender. This semester is called the even sem, and is meant to have many extra-circular activities, fests, inter college competitions and other events. Do participate in all as you will get certificates and might be useful during the campus placements. After all this might be the last few years of your college life , make the most out of it! and have no regrets of leaving anything unsaid or undone, hope you are thinking what I'm thinking. 

While some are happy to be in their class again, others are still in their holiday mood ( holiday hangover) and would like to attend the classes only after a few days, ask them why? they would say college has just started and there is no reason why you shouldn't bunk the classes, and after all there wouldn't be much of a teaching rather just introduction to the subjects and the practical labs. Well that is not always the case.

Let me give you 4 reasons why you shouldn't bunk the first week of college :-

  1. Attendance : When you bunk in the beginning  you get a shortage of attendance, to make this up you will need to attend all those really boring classes and tests which your friends with no shortage will easily bunk. Think about it!
  2. Impression : Teachers always have this a lot, the 'Impression thing', so if you are not present in the beginning itself you are blacklisted and will remain in her observation until the first internals and then you know what happens if you don't perform well.
  3. Basic Idea : You will lack the basic idea about the subject, and in some cases due to that you wont understand anything and you will consider the subject a difficult one. It is always important to attend the first lab.
  4. Confidence : This is the most important quality that needs to be developed in you, if you attend all the classes regularly you will have a great sense of self confidence and belief.
So everyone reading this have a great sem ahead and you can always message me on the Facebook page : regarding what I post here and also if you have something in your mind that I should be posting here. Hope you all are using the Android app :

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Thank you