Wednesday, 14 January 2015

VTU will Shortly announce Results for Bangalore Region -1st and 2nd sem

VTU will announce Results for Bangalore region (1st/2nd sem) within tonight or might be delayed by a maximum of 1 day due to the heavy traffic the site would face. All the best

VTU results were announced for Belgaum,Gulbaraga & Mysore Region of Examination Dec 2014/Jan 2015 yesterday. There seems to be a drop in the percentage of students who have cleared owing to the new syllabus change that VTU introduced from this academic year.

 It has come to my notice that there is maximum number of failures in the subjects basic electronics and Maths. But I encourage VTU 1st year students to give their paper for revaluation, because if there are large number of failures in any particular subject, they made consider the marks you obtained in other subjects and give you some grace marks, I shall discuss this topic later in my upcoming posts after all results are announced,

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