Thursday, 15 January 2015

Website Update : New Look and Upgrades 2015

Greetings My Friends!

Today I am here to thank you for the overwhelming support and trust from our users of the website and the Android app.

We have Just Made a Facebook page for our site, hope you like it and invite your friends to like the page and together we can make this the one stop destination for VTU students and all students in general.

We hope you continue to support our app and the site, the app was launched just a week ago and already we have thousands of users, and  we will continue to give you the best service and Instant updates on VTU and other related topics.

As the site grew unexpectedly we need to fulfill more of the needs to the VTU students, and we are going to do it like never before, the site will be upgraded to include all your needs from latest syllabus, solved Question papers to class Notes, and all this can be obtained at the press of a button! ask me how? Well we are going to give you an update of the App soon which will be Renamed as VTU ALL IN ONE. Because the app will contain absolutely everything you need.

Most of the students are waiting anxiously for their results and VTU is as usual extending the dates, you can refer to the  APPROXIMATE DATES  of results if you haven't yet, and once all the results have been announced and you are back into your colleges I will be giving you updates on exam tricks and tips, memorization techniques and effective ways to concentrate and tackle your exam fears through out the year and through the internal exams, job interviews, competitive exams, placements and opportunities. So stay tuned and continue to support us.

Can't thank you Enough.