Wednesday, 4 February 2015

REPOST : Listen To Your Brain

Exam Time, So a REPOST of a previous article that will help

Few Tips & Tricks that will help you Learn Faster

  • Slow down
Don't just go on reading, the more you understand the more will sink into your brain and the less effort you need to put in to memorize it. Would you ever forget a Good/Bad experiences you had ? the more you are involved in what you are reading the better.

  • Take a Break
Whenever you feel stressed up and can study no longer, time for a quick break. It is better to take a break rather then force yourself to study. Also stop when you start forgetting things you've have just learned.

  • Use a Pen
Whenever you are studying, it is always better to practice it writing. Research has shown that more the physical activity, the better the learning experience.

  • Roam Around
Don't do all the studying in one place, the brain likes changes and change makes it active, so if you start feeling lazy while studying, time to change the place, walk around, change the room or anything that makes you get the feel back.

  • Tackle The Tough Subject
If you find any subject that is tough, it will be better to read it before bed, that is the last subject you should have read before going to be should be the one which is tough for you. There is a lot of activity in the subconscious mind during sleep, and this helps in settling down the new concepts you read and get a clear idea. And when you wake up in the morning, just go through what you had studied before going to bed, this bridges the gap between the conscious and the subconscious mind, and almost makes it unforgettable.

  • Read Out Loud 
 Reading out loud helps make the brain more alert, the more you are active, the more enters your brain. You can also help your friends by explaining them what you have studied, this helps you remember it even better.

  • Talk to the book
I know it might sound a bit crazy but having a conversation with the book/concept which you are studying actually helps you learn better. Remember all the talk you had with your friends at college today? Why? because the brain prefers conversations., and remembers it better. And talk to yourself while you are studying, really helps.

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