Friday, 10 April 2015


Greetings VTUians!

         VTU CAMPUS team is pleased to inform you that we will soon release our next big update. We have looked into all the issues faced by the student community and have strived to provide YOU a support through the app. The update which will rename the APP as VTU - ALL IN ONE.

  • We will be also adding 'daily aptitude' questions category in which you can solve or even send us the solution, and the answers along with explanations and how to solve will be provided the next day along with the students along with the names of the students who soled them. This category is made so that when you are in your final year you can easily clear the very first round i.e Aptitude test for campus placements. 
  • Also we have finally completed the VTU discussion Forum inside the app, interested students or class leaders who want to take charge of their colleges/classes can message us on FB or email us, already there are few students who have been appointed admins for their respective colleges. 
  • We will also try and prepare model question papers or important question papers for each exam.