Monday, 20 April 2015

Mathematics II / M2 Notes Ultimate Collection | I/II Sem



Commonly referred to as M2 it is considered 'The Subject To Clear' as many students who couldn't clear it even after 3 attempts have lost a year or more. Therefore passing the subject in the very first attempt is very crucial, especially if you are a little weak in Maths you should consider spending time in studying M2 more often. There is nothing difficult in studying M2, all it takes is a little bit of practice.
And that is why VTUCAMPUS brings to you the ultimate collection of M2 notes from various sources with SOLVED QUESTION PAPERS, ASSIGNMENT SOLUTIONS, LECTURER NOTES, IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, SOLVED PROBLEMS FROM TEXT BOOK, QUESTION BANK and more...


All notes and links will be added to the new version of the vtu app, so that its accessible to you anytime anywhere.The update will be available soon and we shall notify it to you as soon as possible.