Saturday, 13 June 2015


Tip 1
The few minutes before you switch your light off are actually really effective for memorisation. So tuck yourself up in bed, have a quick read through of the most important facts, equations or vocabulary, and then switch off. I studied three languages in my degree, that's a lot of vocab I successfully got through.

Tip 2
Eat a good dinner, make a special effort to find, cook or steal a decent meal. I’m not suggesting “brain food” such as nuts or oily fish, but a meal you’d have if you were celebrating and wanted to spoil yourself, such as steak and chocolate tart rather than a KFC. It’ll make you feel happy, spoilt and power you up for the next day.

Tip 3
Likewise, do one fun thing like watching a comedy show, having a kickabout or fiddling around with photos on instagram. Laughing will relax you, lower stress and help you get a good night’s sleep.
Tip 4
Set your alarm clock. Set two, just in case. I have never failed an exam where I set an alarm clock.

Tip 5
In the morning, eat breakfast as normal but go over your most important facts before you leave the house. Then again on the transport to the exam. Then when you arrive at the exam hall, stop using your brain. If you don’t know your stuff by now, you never will, so save your brain power for blagging.

Tip 6
When in the exam room, sit comfortably and spread out. It’s proven that when we physically make ourselves larger by spreading our arms or leaning back on the chair, this releases a type of hormone which makes you more confident and depresses the release of stress hormones. It works I promise!

Tip 7
Don’t drink too much water, a sip every hour is all you need, no human ever died of dehydration in an exam hall and all these guides urging you to down pints will just lead you to having to make comfort breaks every five minutes. The sip is just for a quick diversion to give your brain and hand a breather.

Tip 8
Finally, everyone is different. Some people like to be on their own around exams, others blare motivational music from their earphones, I always wore my shiniest pair of high heels for luck but others wouldn't waste their morning cramming with distractions like showering. Ergo, if in doubt, do what makes you feel like you've done your best. If you know there wasn't an iota more information you could have remembered or read, then ultimately the result of the exam will never matter because you've already done yourself justice.

Good luck!

Sara Jones
Bright Network