Saturday, 25 July 2015

I/II SEM VTU Students Voice : Let's Get You HEARD ! Part 1 - VTUCAMPUS

Hello Everyone,

As we all know that results for I/II Sem has been announced and since then the social media such as Whatsapp and Facebook has been crowed with messages from VTU students.  Even we received a lot of messages from the student community seeking support, as our Android APP and Website is managed by students themselves we understand what the students are going through, it is as if the smile is washed off their faces for a year.

Yes we are talking about the year back system that has taken away a lot of hope from the young minds of India. All of you may know one or more of your friends who have gone through the same. But this year for the 2014-15 batch students it was far worse as they had to go through a heavy syllabus which many students say that even their lecturers couldn't complete on time and had to hurry with the syllabus.

So WE ( i.e You Students ) will be writing a post with many reasons as to why VTU has to either increase the number of subjects to be carried over to the next year or introduce supplementary exams for the 2014-15 batch students.

We would like to hear those Reasons from you and WE WILL GET YOU HEARD. You can send us your reasons on our FB page or comment on our Website ( To comment  View website in app), you can share this message with all your friends. ( If you are using our VTUCAMPUS APP you will find the share option in the top right menu in the APP).

Tomorrow we will summarize all those points into a nice and neat article so that it will contain all your reasons and we will publish it to thousands of students on the app and on FB and hopefully it will reach the VTU officials to whomsoever  it may concern and VTU might take a decision. So yeah, if you have a point to make send us your reasons (Good logical reasons).     

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{PS: We might not be able to reply to everyone on Facebook, but we will read them all}

Hope For the Best
Thank You.