Monday, 6 July 2015


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Now everyone does know about the rumored year back system for the new 2014-15 scheme VTU had introduced, these students have to now continue with the old 2010 scheme from III Sem onwards, since VTU discarded the present 2014-15 scheme and introduced a new scheme CBCS for the 2015-16 batch students.

As there are many websites that say that there is no year back is not true and is outdated information. The information contained in those pages is news from 2012 where a group of students protested against VTU year back system.

Presently, According to the Varsity's rules, Engineering students have to clear all the subjects of the first two semesters for admission to the fifth semester. Based on the VTU rules, in order to become eligible for admissions to the fifth semester , engineering students in non-autonomus colleges have to clear all the subjects of the first two-semesters, and clear all the subjects of the fourth and fifth semester for the admission to the seventh semester. And a Maximum of 4 subjects are allowed to be carried over to the next year.

VTUCAMPUS believes that these rules have to change for the 2014-15 batch students due to the following reasons :

1. The new 2014 Scheme was comparatively tougher then the old 2010 scheme, so rules need not remain the same.

2. The portions to be covered was more and hence most of the lecturers had to hurry up to complete the portions in time and that would mean that the students didn't understand the concepts well.

3. VTU has now introduced a new system CBCS ( choice based credit system ) for the 2015-16 batch students, which clearly indicates that the 2014 scheme was not practical and therefore a new system is introduced. 

4. The 2014-15 batch students have to now continue with 2010 scheme syllabus.

5. Students need to be encouraged and not punished.

So taking all these into consideration, VTU has to either increase the number of subjects that are allowed to be carried over to the next year or introduce supplementary exams. 

What can you do?

Students can voice their concern and spread awareness so that it reaches the VTU officials and those to whom it may concern. You can also use the social media and create awareness. VTU CAMPUS will make a post on our Facebook page and you can share it with your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp and show your support to this cause.


Thank you!

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