Sunday, 26 July 2015

Reasons From 2014-15 Batch Students To VTU On The Year Back System.

The following article is written and summarized in accordance with the thoughts of 2014-15 batch students who feel that the year back rules have to change and that it is unfair to have the same rule for a different  scheme and syllabus which was comparatively more tough then the 2010 scheme batches.

Here in this article we list out the main reasons as to why students couldn't perform well based on the input we have received from them.

1.  Syllabus was vast and faculty of most of the engineering college was not trained for the new Syllabus, they had to rush through the topics which in-turn effected the performance in the examinations.

2. Lack of resources for students to refer as to how the questions would arise in the exam point of view 

3. 2014 Scheme lasted for only one year, and a new Scheme is introduced CBCS, which leaves many to believe that 2014 Scheme was not practical and effective.

And the following are the thoughts going on in every students mind, which is to be heard far and wide and be answered.

Why Have They Failed?
  • They might be weak in studies and probably couldn’t grasp everything so quickly even if they would have spent a good amount of time studying.

  • Students come from all over the nation and most of them from villages and states which lacks in quality education, some have difficulty in English. So the first year Syllabus has to be easy so that they can adjust to the new expectation levels set.
  • The Scheme for 2014/15 batch students was supposed to read the whole syllabus and answer all the 5 sections.  
  • Every student is here after passing through after their 12th or equivalent courses. We all know very well that many of them will be excited to enter into the Engineering Stream and some of the students were probably careless about their studies in the first year because they didn’t understand the seriousness of it. While some are away from their parents for the first time, who would force to study.
And so, they failed! But, they would have would by now had the sense of responsibility. Responsibility comes with experiences, and this terror of failure is more than enough. Add to it a year-back and it will be an extreme punishment. Most of them get affected psychologically and it leaves a scar for their entire life. 

  • A Second chance will definitely help them more than having to spend/waste time for year at home. And faith has enormous power. 
  • Teachers themselves agree that it was a tough syllabus, so why keep the same rules?
  • An year-back will give much knowledge to students? No! Frustration, disappointment, sadness, stress, hopelessness, shame and so on. These are what students will get after an year back.
Now is this what you are looking for? No this system has to change to something that is more practical.
At least, there should be a quick response from VTU, clarifying our future, career & FATE. "

 Students who find this message true to your thoughts can share it and support your friends. 
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