Saturday, 22 August 2015

Improve Your Communication Skills !


This is a technique known as 'shadowing' that I learnt in Japanese class, which I find tremendously helpful for short-term oral fluency improvement.

Watch your favorite English language TV show or movie, and as the characters speak, repeat loudly the exact words they are saying the moment you hear them. In other words, 'shadow' their dialog in real-time. Don't worry about getting every word or sound right - focus on listening carefully, moving along quickly and keeping pace. After the movie ends, repeat the exact same movie and do it again. And again. 

By forcing yourself to speak at native speed, your brain becomes hyper-receptive to what you are hearing, and you will find yourself not only picking up the words quicker and quicker, but also unconsciously mimicking the inflections and vocal nuances that are usually difficult to learn for a non-native. It will also fix the stammer that comes with uncertainty or lack of confidence. In this way, the actors in the movie become your speaking partners.

This will be perfect practice just before your interview. Look for some interview practice videos on YouTube, then shadow the entire conversation. Practice the same dialogs again and again. You will be amazed how that will improve not only your speaking, but also your ability to actively listen and react. Best of luck.

~Suresh Kumar
Source: Quora