Sunday, 9 August 2015


Hello everyone :)

I read through all the feedbacks that I got from the recent post about the app updates, all of which will be considered. As of now we are collecting all the latest Question papers and Notes from various sources and even you can be a part of it and help the student community by emailing us the question papers or notes you have to and it will be credited to your name.   

So within 10 days from now, we will upload all the VTU question papers and notes for all branches and semesters into the app and website and along with it we will also launch the new update of the VTUCAMPUS APP, and all the links will be updated into the app.

So starting from today you will receive notifications regarding the uploaded notes and question papers, please share them with all your friends and together lets make this sem the best with everything that you need like study techniques, memory techs, inspiration, motivation etc., right here in the app or on the website

By The Students
Keep Up The Support !