Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Hello everyone!

Exam time table for Dec 2015 Jan 2016 are officially announced and finalized by VTU, So all the best to everyone out there!

VTU CAMPUS APP will keep you up to date with all the info. from VTU along with exam, study and memory tips, hacks and tricks, so make sure you and your friends have the VTU CAMPUS APP, we will also soon release a another update with more features that you will all really love. 

So those who couldn't do well in the previous exams, forget about it and time now to focus on the exams coming up, and those who did well don't get carried away and put in the efforts like you always do. Prepare a study timetable and follow the preparation tips mentioned in the last article in the app.

And we will update the remaining notes and question papers as soon as possible. Also we will upload all the latest question papers from previous June July 2015 examination.

All individual timetables for all branches and semesters will also be uploaded within a few days in the VTU CAMPUS APP.