Sunday, 1 November 2015


VTU CAMPUS APP data usage & Sync. interval settings

Just to inform you about the app data settings, why is it that the app is consuming data while running in the background? It is because of the sync interval settings, some versions of the APP is set to sync every 5 mins with the server, that is it keeps checking VTU CAMPUS server for new articles every 5 mins, and therefore if you want to reduce the amount of data the app consumes, please change the sync interval settings.

Settings > Synchronization > Sync interval. 

You can set it to 15/30 mins which is recommended. This will solve the data consumption issue some students are facing. You can also open the app and hit " Sync." to check for new articles manually.

Note: You can set the sync interval to 5mins during results time to get the notification instantly as and when results are announced.

Notifications Sound

You can also set a ringtone / vibrate / flash light whenever there is a new notification.

 Settings > Notifications>


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  Settings > Feedback 

Starred Articles/Posts

You can star articles and posts which is important to you by hitting the ✪ within the post and it will appear in the "All Stars" category in the app.


You can share the articles with your friends who don't have the app by clicking on the top right menu key and press share.

New App update in progress

The New app update will be stable and will have a few more themes for boys and girls, also it will contain a new category called Study Methods and more where inspiring articles, quotes, advises by your favorite lecturers from college and all that would help you.

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