Sunday, 14 February 2016

Revaluation Results Predicted Dates, Notes & Question Papers, New updates

Hello VTUians

Revaluation Results of B.E will not be announced anytime soon, because results of 1st and 2nd semesters B.E is not yet announced (we will notify as soon as we know the dates). Furthermore the last dates for applying for revaluation is 20th Feb for some semesters and therefore revaluation of papers will start only after that. We can expect revaluation results to be announced by 2nd week of March.

Like always VTU CAMPUS APP will now start uploading the latest Question papers (upto Dec/Jan 2016) and Notes for all semesters and branches one by one in the coming days. Also we have sent data from survey regarding the toughest subjects to InstanK and they will soon get to work and create tutorials (Visual) for such subjects, and we shall be notifying everyone as and when these courses become available.

A new update for the VTU CAMPUS app is underway, and we are adding a forum for everyone of you to interact/ discuss or share resources or study materials. Another feature will be an Online book store with standard books recommended by VTU.

Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 APP Coming soon ...
We are pleased to announce an windows version of the app will be launched soon, for both Windows Phone as well as Desktop/Laptop, and therefore it will be far easier for you to download the latest question papers and notes directly to your laptop through our VTU CAMPUS Windows App.