Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Probable Reasons for delayed results for 1st SEM CBCS

Hello everyone,
It's been a long time since we posted something on VTU CAMPUS APP, just like you guys we were waiting for VTU to announce results for 1st semester new scheme (CBCS), once VTU announces the remaining results we will be uploading notes, question papers and other materials for all branches for everyone to download. We received a lot of messages as to when will the results be announced, but VTU has not officially given any details regarding the dates.

Here are some reasons as to why results are being delayed for the New Scheme

1. Theory and especially practical exams were postponed. Usually external exams end by Jan first week.
2. Since it is a New Scheme, evaluation of answer scripts has changed and therefore VTU has to develop new software and network. Since VTU cannot use the same old pattern it followed for the previous semesters/schemes. The papers are evaluated online by lecturers at various centers.
3. The online Results section will also need an upgrade, as to how the results are displayed and include other factors that play an important role in the Choice Based Credit System.

We don't know why VTU didn't make the necessary changes on time, or they have other reasons as to why Results are delayed. None the less VTU CAMPUS APP will notify you as and when the dates are officially released.

Thank you