Sunday, 31 July 2016

B.E Scheme & Syllabus as per new CBCS for III Semester

VTU has announced the CBCS B.E Scheme for III & IV semester and syllabus for III semester for the following...

  1. B.E In Engineering  Mathematics-III
  2. B.E In Electronics And Communication /Telecommunication Engineering
  3. B.E In Industrial Engineering And  Management
  4. B.E In Electrical And Electronics Engineering
  5. B.E In Computer Science  Engineering & Information Science Engineering
  6. B.E In Textile Engineering & Silk Technology
  7. B.E In Mechanical Engineering
  8. B.E In Civil Engineering
  9. B.E In Chemical Engineering
  10. B.E In Petrochem Engineering
  11. B.E In Mining Engineering
  12. B.E In Biotechnology Engineering
  13. B.E In Nano Technology Engineering
  14. B.E In Biomedical  Engineering
  15. B.E In Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
  16. B.E In Medical Electronics
  17. B.E In Marine Engineering
  18. B.E In Mechatronics Engineering
  19. B.E In Construction Technology And Management
  20. B.E In Architecture
  21. B.E In Aeronautical Engineering
  22. B.E In Manufacturing Science & Engineering