Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A Guide to Score High in VTU Exams. Survey Form

Hello, VTUians!

Hope everyone is preparing well for the exams closing in!

A book titled 'Ultimate Guide to Score high in VTU Exams' recently caught my attention which is due to launch in January. But by January everyone would have finished their exams and it would be of not much use, And I spoke to a few people in charge and decided to launch an e-book instead within 3 days and be made available for download so that students can score better by studying in the right and efficient way.

The book covers the following topics

1. Study & Memorize Effectively2. Concentration Techniques to focus on studies.
3. Tricks to remember diagrams, flowcharts, and programming codes.
4. Apps that will help you study better.
5. Tips for exams and revision.
6. Last minute preparation.
7. Short Cut methods to memorize definitions and difficult concepts.
8. Organize your study schedule.
9. The art of writing VTU Exams.
and few more topics

For the students using VTU Campus app, the e-book will be very reasonably priced. However, we would like to know a few things, so please fill in the form below and let me know your interests.