Sunday, 19 February 2017

Digital courses: Android, Website and Digital Marketing

The need of the hour is fundamental knowledge of the digital world we now live in. Although we make use of several digital resources in our day-to-day life, we lack the understanding. 

Nowadays every Company requires people qualified in digital marketing in one way or the other. Be it maintaining a website, to establishing a brand or simply running an online business. Although you acquire the necessary technical skills at college, there are few more skills that companies look for. 

Today we bring to you some very basic and core digital courses which you can add to your present skill level on your Resume and stand a higher chance of getting that job you desire. Or even start your own online business like an eCommerce website, Blog, YouTube Channel, Android/iOS apps. Basically, any talent/ideas that you can think of, you can bring it to life in the online world.

Anyone from any branch/course can apply to these courses without any background knowledge.

1. A 7-hour Crash Course
A one-day course that introduces you to the basic knowledge of the internet and how it sustains itself. And proven methods to earn online through various platforms such as blogs, apps, affiliation and practical guides on accomplishing the same.
  •  WordPress/Blogger - Learn to create your own Website with zero coding.
  •  Google Adwords/Facebook Marketing - Learn Internet Marketing & reach your target audience.
  • SEO Skills - Rank on the first page of search engines.
  • Methods to start earning from your website through monetization, affiliation, sales etc.
  • Youtube Overview - Earn through Youtube. 
  • Basic introduction to the working of online websites and apps.

Course fee INR: 500/-

2. Complete Website Development with Zero Coding

A detailed 4-day course on creating your own website from scratch with absolute zero coding knowledge. In this course, you will be working and developing your own website.
  • Get a custom Domain Name.
  • Learn to customize and build a website of your own choice.
  • Detailed study and uses of various plugins.
  • Use custom templates and design your own website.
  • Host your domain on a server. 
  • Learn to monetize your website and earn through it.
  • Make your website SEO Ready.
  • Integrate Analytics and view real-time data.
  • Learn to market your website and reach your goal.
  • Use YouTube as a marketing tool.
  • Incorporate Google Adsense, and earn from your website.
  • And a lot more...
Course fee INR: 2000/-

3. Android fundamentals Course

A 4-day fundamental app development course for beginners. Learn to create simple apps from scratch and use this knowledge to make apps that you desire to make in future.
  • Introduction to Java and XML.
  • Introduction to Android Development.
  • Activity, Intent, and Fragments.
  • Build Custom User Interface.
  • Service in Android.
  • Android Multimedia.
  • API's.
  • Web Service Tutorial.
  • Animation in Android.
  • And a lot more...
 Course fee INR: 2000/-

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