Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Indian students preferring foreign universities for their higher education

Survey has revealed that there is a strong presence of students of Indian origin in universities in the USA. These students, reportedly contribute a huge amount to the economy of USA. Students of Indian origin are one of the largest among the foreign students in the USA. Though America has always been the most popular destination for Indian students to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate studies outside India, Indian students are also found in many other countries such as Germany, Canada etc. There are various reasons for the same. These reasons shall be discussed in this article.

Reasons why they prefer studying abroad

The two most important reasons for the departure of Indian students to US universities are:
•    Top-quality education
•    Prospects of a better economy
These reasons can be discussed in detail:
•    Students who look for universities to continue their education after their bachelor’s find very few universities in India that are globally recognized. They prefer institutes that are acknowledged worldwide. The number of such institutes in India is limited. Also, they cannot accommodate the ever-growing number of students.
•    The top universities in foreign countries tend to be valued more when it comes to employment in India and abroad compared to Indian universities.
•    Better facilities at foreign universities for research also contribute to this emigration of Indian students.
•    Studying at foreign universities is also considered as the first step towards permanent emigration to these countries. Survey has shown that most of the students who complete their post-graduate degree or doctorate in foreign countries remain there. Better salaries and better standards of living may be reasons for the same. 

Measures to prevent the same

Improving the quality of education in India at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate level is the key solution to prevent this. There are many entrance exams such as ICAR 2018, NEET 2018 to ensure quality among Indian students. The curriculum and facilities provided at these universities should be at par with top universities worldwide. More importance to research and research facilities should be provided to the students. Employment opportunities within India should be improved. The remuneration and working conditions should be comparable to other countries. The students’ taking part in government exams SSC MTS 2018 and in turn join colleges, do not get much help from the colleges when it comes to recruiting.

There is a noticeable upward trend in the number of foreign students preferring Indian universities but this is still very less compared to the vice versa. Though Indian students are considered to be intelligent and hardworking with a determination to achieve in life, it is a shame to see so many of them shift to other countries for the same. The education system of India should be altered in such a way that they can accommodate the brilliant minds of India. The Indian economy will also highly beneficial if the students study and contribute to India.