Saturday, 30 June 2018

Certified internship at Epitas R&D centre, Mangaluru

 “Creativity is connecting things” and once we start connecting things around us innovations are born. But all innovation have to be nurtured properly where a trained personnel becomes so important. This is where we help the budding minds to give strength to their innovations and empower it.

The internship program is planned for the duration of one month (Extendable depending upon the complexity of the project work). During the program we follow 80-20 where 80% concentration goes to “Industry Experience” and 20% is “theoretical” and will have dedicated practical sessions keeping today’s industrial requirements in focus. The program is designed in such a way that the intern get a chance to learn in a methodical manner and take the skill to practical applicability without restricting to conceptual ideas.

Apart from the modules intern will also get face to face interactive sessions with our team and can share their ideas. This helps in developing their practical skills helping them to reach closer to the current industrial trends. But to take their ideas forward, communication plays a key role. To address this issue we have allocated separate sessions for soft skill training.

Students are invited to join and share their innovative ideas to and bring them to life
What you get?
  • Learn from the basic to the advanced level to build a Robot.
  • Mentors to guide you throughout the learning process.
  • 24hr Access to the club once you are a member.
  • Build Projects for your Final year Engineering or post graduate courses.
  • Meet like minded people in the club, share ideas and get an opportunity to implement and lead potential projects.
  • The club will feature labs with the latest technology, robotic kits, and all the tools necessary to build your first Robot.
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